welcome to our world


I'm Antigrav, and I'm a retired server owner.

We had a great time with all the contests and events, the plugins and prizes. I had tons of fun planning and coding! No regrets.

The server now hosts an SMP vanilla world. We're mostly an older group (30-70) who have played together for years. We don't role play or create territories and economies. We build things we like. Some are technical, some are decorative. We chat about work and life.

We don't advertise. Now and then someone like you wanders by and thinks hey, this sounds good to me. They send an email and get whitelisted.

Have a great day.


The Spigot server is closed.

Arborvitae Vanilla is a Spigot server designed to maximize the vanilla experience. We use plugins to solve problems inherent to the multiplayer environment. We have a main building world with a new mineworld each month (overworld, nether, and end) for exploring, looting, and gathering large amounts of resources. Some specific projects or games are held in worlds of their own.

We use two main plugins. Multiverse allows us to have the regenerating mineworlds. Most other essential functions are handled by my home-built plugin Branch.



The Forge server is closed.

Arborvitae Forge runs whatever modpack the group feels like playing. Right now we're playing Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons.

While the Vanilla world seldom resets, modpacks have shorter or longer runs depending on player interest.

Instructions for setting up and connecting with a specific modpack are posted in the forums or on the special connection page..


To apply for our whitelist, send an email to answering these questions (your answers are for me only and will not be made public):

* What is your name?
* What is your Minecraft name?
* How old are you?
* What do you want us to know about you?


Players can post screenshots in the User Forums. The forums are also for discussing modpacks, builds, contests, and general server updates.