Welcome to Roguelike Dungeons and Adventures (RAD)

Need a break from the tech tree? Saving up your creative builds for the 1.14 release? Then the RAD pack is for you!

But most of all, have fun and let off a little stress. See you online!

1. There are two ways to get the files:

   A. The easiest is to download from Twitch. The server is running the latest version at this time, 1.21.

   B. Or you can get the modpack directly from CurseForge here

2. The IRC server client is being weird in this pack. It refuses to believe it's server side only. Okay...download the mod by right-clicking here and choose Save-As. Save it it to your mods folder. If you're using Twitch, that'll be C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons\mods

Start RAD. In the server address area change the port to 1417.